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First contact

If you are interested in our offers, please contact us under +43 664 8554731.

Our available flats you find under:

  • Available rented flats
  • Available owner-occupied flat



A rental agent will meet you in front of the door. She will provide the necessary documents to fill out the lease application. The commission is due upon the signing of the lease agreement.

To find out  more about the leasing process, the following documents will be provided: Lease application for rental flats, lease application for owner-occupied flats, plus an overview of additional costs of the rental agreement.

If you would like to rent a flat, please send the completed and signed lease application via email to or via fax to 01/315 46 04-16.

Rental agreement

After you have emailed us the completed and signed Lease application, you will be contacted by someone from our property management team. If you are in agreement will all the terms of the rental agreement, an appointment for the signing of the rental agreement will be set up.

Please be sure to bring the following items to this appointment:

  • rental agreement fees
  • bond
  • commission (the property management will announce the amount that you have to bring in cash)
  • photo identification



After signing the rental agreement, an appointment for the flat handover will be arranged. Please bring all documents that you received from our property management team. After the handover you are free to move into your apartment.

Contact us

vivoreal GmbH
Dietrichsteingasse 7
A-1090 Vienna

phone: 0664/855 47 31

Visit apartments: 0664/855 47 31